Optical Coating Associates, Anti- Reflection, Dielectric Coatings, South Australia

Company Profile

David Baker

David Baker
BSc.( Hons ), MSc.(Hons)

David has spent many years working with the design and development of laser technology for both military, industrial and medical applications. David has managed and worked in a thin film coating production operation for more than 10 years.

With a focus on small to medium size enterprises and having liaised with Bob Schaeffer at different times throughout the past decade, David saw how he could combine his considerable expertise with that of Bob to form Optical Coating Associates.

Alan Fry

Alan Fry
Technical director of Fry Optics

Alan Fry is a Precision Optical Technician having completed his apprenticeship at CSIRO in 1976. He worked at Francis Lord Optics for 21 years before forming Fry Optics in 1998.

Based in Austral NSW, Alan works with his 2 sons (Steven and Michael) and is passing on the techniques he has acquired over 47 years.

In 2008 OCA’s second chamber was delivered to Fry Optics in which Alan does the coating of Contrast Filters for Thomas Global Systems. Fry Optics is audited by Thomas Global Systems & the FAA to maintain compliance as a supplier of aircraft components.

In 2017 Fry Optics began delivering “superflat” mirrors and windows using a proprietary polishing technique. Typically λ/20 is achievable on diameters up to 350mm. OCA coats these components for use in an aircraft application.

Bob Schaeffer

Bob Schaeffer
BSc.( Hons ), MSc., PhD

Bob initially worked as an Ionospheric Physicist with the Australian Antarctic Research Expeditions at the Mawson base, before pursuing studies that led to a PhD in the field of Optical Aeronomy.

Bob spent time working with Roger Netterfield at the CSIRO Optical Lab in Lindfield Sydney before settling in Adelaide. For more than 20 years, Bob managed a commercial optical coatings operation, catering for a significant portion of the coating needs of the scientific optics industry within Australia and succeeded in the establishment of unique thin film designs.

Bob retired in 2010 but still consults and adds insight when required.