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Almost all types of UV, visible and NIR coatings are available and designs can be customised to meet specific requirements. These include anti reflection coatings, edge filters, band pass filters, plus high and partial reflectance mirrors for high damage threshold lasers. OCA's charter is to provide optical coatings to a wide range of Industry and Research Institutions with the emphasis on fulfilling small to medium size contracts with rapid turnaround.

Our coating equipment has been tailored to provide an optical coating capability that covers a large range of dielectric, metal-dielectric and metal designs.

We have 2 chambers at 2 locations. The smaller (500mm) original system is based in SE Qld and the other (590mm dia) is based in Sydney. Both chambers are cryo-pumped systems with 4 pocket e-beam evaporation sources. They have both been set up with state of the art optical monitoring and ion beam assistance technology to ensure the production of an extensive range of precision coatings of the highest quality.

All coatings are provided with a spectrophotometer trace of what is actually on the substrate over the wavelength range 250 nm to 1100 nm.

All other coatings are supplied with a theoretical plot, although we can supply a spectrophotometer trace for these coatings as measured by another company.

Our standard coatings include:

  • Anti-reflection coatings
  • Beamsplitters
  • Dichroic Filters
  • Shortwave Pass Filters
  • Longwave Pass Filters
  • Heat Control Coatings
  • Attenuation Filters
  • Multi-cavity Interference Filters
  • Induced Transmission Filters
  • Transparent Conductive coatings
  • High Damage Threshold Laser mirrors
  • Protected Metal coatings

Specialist Coatings

No job ever seems to be quite the same. This has meant OCA continues to design, coat and deliver technically challenging coatings.

Some of these include:

  • BAR coatings for the 10x gratings used in the AAOmega Spectrograph ( see website https://aat.anu.edu.au/science/instruments/current/AAOmega ) and BBAR coatings for the large lenses used in the red and blue camera arms of the Skymapper surveying telescope to be based at Siding Springs ( see website http://www.mso.anu.edu.au/skymapper/monitor/index.php ).
  • A large dichroic mirror (with BAR on second side) for the AAOmega spectrograph. This is the alternative red dichroic for the system (the original dichroic was centred for the green and was coated at CSIRO) The red dichroic is essentially an edge filter to reflect (Rx>99%) 430-650nm and transmit (Tx >98%) 690-950nm at 27degrees.
  • Bandpass filter sets to a) block the UV to 1350nm, transmit 1350-1950nm (SW1 range) and block all other wavelengths from the 1950 to 6000nm and b) block the visible to 20000nm, transmit 2000-2450nm (SW2 wavelength range) and block all other wavelengths from the 2450 to 6000nm. Both these filter sets had to be capable of being temperature cycled from room temperature to liquid nitrogen temperatures. (for Integrated Spectronics, Sydney).
  • Beamplitter to transmit >70% from 470-2500nm and reflect >70% from 8000-12000nm on silica, all at 45 angle of incidence ( for Integrated Spectronics, Sydney ).
  • Green dichroic beamsplitter for Hermes spectrograph and approx. ¾ of the collimator lenses for the same project. Some of these lenses were over 20kg in weight each (before cementing). Download PDF


Our clientele include some of the foremost and most prestigious Institutions of learning and Industry leaders. More information about them and the work we have done is available on request.

So if you have a need for professional advice and expertly managed thin film coatings and quick delivery, then contact Australia’s premiere company dedicated to optical coatings.

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